Information for those who wish to buy Oxandrolone

On this page we offer you the drug Oxandrolone, which produces a company that has the best reputation among pharmacology manufacturers for athletes. As the main active substance in the drug Oxandrolone, as the name implies, is Oxandrolone. The anabolic activity of the drug Oxandrolone in this case is similar to testosterone, and its androgenic effect is at half the lower level.

In its composition Oxandrolone is a molecule that does not contain a 17-alpha-method group.

Initially Oxandrolone was developed for use in veterinary medicine, but subsequently athletes became interested in its effectiveness in building muscle building.

The effect of the drug Oxandrolone

After the injection, the drug Oxandrolone acts in the human body for a fairly long period (about 15-20 days), while buying Oxandrolone is recommended for use with a dosage of 400 to 800 milligrams per week. Moreover, it is calculated by a specialist, depending on the physical training of a person and on what results he wants to achieve in training. The duration of the course with all this is from two to two and a half months, and during this time athletes manage to increase to eight kilograms of high -quality muscle mass.

Injections of the drug Oxandrolone also affect an increase in appetite, increase the endurance and power indicators of the athlete. All this needs athletes to increase the efficiency of training.

The difference between the drug Oxandrolone and others is that it contains a larger amount of active substance, and this, in turn, makes it possible to conduct injections less often.

Combined courses of the drug Oxandrolone

Quite often, professional athletes are recommended to buy Oxandrolone for use in conjunction with other anabolics. Most often among them they note: Vincerral on a course aimed at drying, or the ethers of testosterone or a trainballone at the course aimed at a more significant increase in muscle. The duration of combined courses is reduced to one and a half months, since such combinations of anabolics increase the likelihood of suppressing the production of natural testosterone in the body. During such combined courses, anti -estrogens are also used to reduce the likelihood of side effects.

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